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Accounts Payable Officer

Job Type : Direct
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :

Professional work consisting of the application of the knowledge and practices of
accounting for the correct issuance of expenses incurred by the firm. The
employee performs work of responsibility and moderate complexity that entails
examine, corroborate and verify the legality of expenditure and disbursement of funds for the payment of the firm's bills. Performs its work under the general supervision of the Accounting Manager. It works under established objectives and parameters, planning and organizing its own work. Your work is reviewed through reports and meetings to determine compliance with goals and objectives.



  • Originates and pre-intervenes the requisitions of payment for services and supplies of in accordance with established policies.

  • Enter data into the computerized system to process pending invoices.

  • Process payments, prepare and photocopy checks.

  • Posts and analyzes the accounts of the computerized system.

  • Maintains and processes costs in the system.

  • Process billing


  • Prepares and processes expense reimbursement checks.

  • Check the contents of checks before issuing them.

  • Keep track of checks sent to sign.

  • Receives, classifies and distributes all correspondence that arrives at the department.

  • Receives, checks and verifies various accounting documents to corroborate the accuracy of the same.

  • Processes and prepares annual expense reimbursement reports to file the W-2 vouchers.

  • Processes and prepares annual reports of 480a and 480b.

  • Offers support in processing Company's Retirement Plan checks.

  • Offers support with checks requested from the Escrow Account.

  • Offers support in the Firm's Insurance Program.

  • Offers support in the payroll process.

  • Offers support in the development of financial reports, as requested by a higher ranking employee

  • Maintains and archives the files related to accounts payable per day.

  • Writes and writes letters, memos and reports related to your department.

  • Collect documents and information needed to generate reports, analyze and make summaries.

  • Performs other tasks related to the position.

Required Qualifications :


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accredited college or university accounting. Five (5) years of experience in related works. Additional academic preparation to that required may replace part or all of the experience.


  • Knowledge of the practices, techniques and methods applicable to accounting.

  • Knowledge about the laws and regulations that govern the procedures of accounting.

  • Knowledge of computer systems used in accounting.

  • Knowledge of the English and Spanish language (verbal and written).

  • Ability to receive and understand verbal and written instructions.

  • Ability to make complex arithmetic computations with correctness and accuracy.

  • Ability to generate financial statements.

  • Ability to write accounting reports.

  • Ability to express oneself correctly and clearly verbally and in writing in English and Spanish.

  • Show security in the tasks under your responsibility.

  • Skills to operate a word processor and computer programs accounting.

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