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Payroll Accountant

Job Type : Direct
Hours : Full Time
Required Years of Experience : 4 years
Required Education : Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accredited college or university accounting
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :

Professional work consisting of the application of the knowledge and practices of

accounting that includes payroll processing. The employee performs
work of considerable responsibility and complexity under general supervision
of the Accounting Manager from whom he receives general instructions in the
common aspects of the position and specific when specific situations arise. Your work it's reviewed through reports and the results obtained in the assigned projects.



  • Prepares and records in the computerized system the daily income entries.

  • Processes checks for vacation, illness, resignations, leaves, salary settlements, bonuses and allowances, among others.

  • Process deductions and finish the payroll process.

  • Transmit the payroll file to the bank "Direct Deposit".

  • Review payroll checks and break them down.

  • Prepares and processes special payrolls of bonuses, special bonuses and stipends.

  • Answer questions and provide guidance on payroll check claims.

  • Prepares and processes Payroll refund checks (related to incorrect deductions).

  • Responsible for account reconciliation and payroll closing.

  • Analyzes and adjusts the accounts of the savings plan and remits the corresponding payment.

  • Prepares and processes requests for payment of 401K bills to the bank corresponding.

  • Analyzes and processes payments for income contributions and federal contributions.

  • Prepare the quarterly forms to the corresponding agencies.

  • Analyze monthly, quarterly and annually.

  • Analyzes, adjusts and prepares W2 forms.

  • Prepares the monthly reports of professional expenses of lawyers.

  • Verifies and analyzes various accounting transactions.

  • Verifies cash transactions daily; e.g. issuance of checks.

  • Maintains and analyzes the segregation of restricted funds.

  • Prepares a daily cash analysis for the CAFO.

  • Processes bank transfers between companies, suppliers and suppliers third parties as needed.

  • Reconciles and analyzes business loans and remits payment.

  • Analyzes and prepares the Cash Flow monthly.

  • Process and reconcile credit card payments and prepare reports with the details of them.

  • Verifies and reconciles the transactions of the sale of internal revenue stamps.

  • Assists in the functions of the manager in his absence.

  • Assists and channels audit processes.

  • Makes various reports of the work done

Required Qualifications :

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accredited college or university accounting.

  • Four (4) years of experience in related work that includes the complete completion of the accounting cycle. 

  •  Kronos Payroll System

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