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People Relations Advisor

Job Type : Direct
Hours : Full Time
Required Years of Experience : 3-5
Required Education : BA in Human Resources
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Job Industry : Healthcare - Health Services

Job Description :

People relations advisors are responsible for ensuring that employees are treated fairly and equitably by their employers. They commonly work with management to identify areas where improvements can be made, then develop strategies to implement those changes.

Employee relations advisors may also act as a liaison between employees and management in order to resolve any issues that arise during the course of employment. This might include anything from resolving disputes over pay or benefits to addressing complaints about unfair treatment on the job.


  • Facilitating conflict resolution by listening to both parties’ perspectives and suggesting solutions to solve problems

  • Coordinating exit interviews and conducting exit surveys with departing employees to understand why they are leaving and what can be done to retain them

  • Interpreting company policies and procedures to ensure that they are understood by all employees

  • Recommending disciplinary action or termination in cases of employee misconduct

  • Working with managers to develop employee performance evaluations and conduct exit interviews with departing employees

  • Conducting training sessions on conflict resolution and other relevant topics for employees in all departments

  • Helping employees with grievances or complaints about working conditions

  • Assessing an organization’s workforce needs and developing strategies to recruit, hire, and retain employees

  • Providing counseling to employees who may be experiencing stress due to personal problems

Required Qualifications :
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