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Teacher K-3

Job Type : Direct
Reference Code : 2/26/2020
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Job Industry : Education - Teaching - Administration
Job Category : Education, Training, and Library

Job Description :


Educate and shape the young minds of the School’s student body by instructing them in the assigned subject matter, and to lead by personal and professional example and behavior.  Will be an integral link between the students, parents, and school, and will, to the utmost of his/her ability, uphold the standards espoused by the School. Maintain high quality standards in all our school’s initiatives and to successfully communicate to our students, parents, staff, Board and community at large that our School is an important contributor to our society. Ensure the Best Teaching Practices are reflected in all initiatives and in all programs in the Elementary School. 

Required Qualifications :

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities 

Teaches classes or the equivalent thereof. 

Develops unit and lesson plans, with goals and objectives, aligned with school curricula and National Standards. 

Provides individualized, small group, and large group instruction in order to meet the needs of each student.  

Engages students in learning through best teaching practice strategies to achieve positive academic results. 

Organize classroom procedures and routines and manage student behavior. 

Exhibits knowledge in adolescent cognitive development and learning styles and of content and best practices in designated disciplines.  

Assesses students’ academic and social growth, respecting diverse talents and ways of learning, using differentiated instruction by interest or developmental stage. 

Keeps appropriate records of student progress, prepares reports, and communicates progress with families. 

Identifies students’ special needs and works with other professional staff to best meet those needs.  

Establishes, manages, and maintains procedures, routines, rules, and standards of student behavior. 

Maintains a safe, clean, and comfortable classroom environment. 

Selects and orders instructional supplies, materials, and resources. 

Performs various non-instructional duties including taking daily attendance, and lunch and recess supervision duty as assigned, among others. 

Attends professional development growth activities on a regular basis. 

Participates cooperatively with the principal on the formative and summative performance appraisal process. 

Supervises students, identifies and reinforces behavioral expectations both in and out of the classroom. 

Monitors student progress through regular formal and informal assessment. 

Participates in committee work, family activities, and sponsored student activities. 

Meets extended responsibilities after the regular school day.  Attends scheduled meetings and holds office hours daily.  

Teachers will be evaluated in furtherance of the goal of providing the highest quality education possible. These are: 

Obtains student feedback on a regular basis to determine what was learned, what was confusing, and what needs to be re-taught. 

Carefully explains goals, policies, ground rules, and grading policies at the beginning of the school year. 

Reviews homework, exams, projects, and other assignments and provides prompt feedback to students. 

Has a lesson plan (objectives, topics, and activities) for each class session, organizing the appropriate time for a lesson, and presenting the lesson in a logical and sequential manner. 

Organizes a structured routine appropriate for the students. 


Integrates character education in daily routines and lessons. 


Education y/o Experience: BA or preferable a Mater Degree in K-3 Education or related field from and accredited University and 5 years of experience in teaching in an accredited educational institution. 

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:  Excellent interpersonal and communication/listening skills, including written and oral skills in both English and Spanish preferred or when feasible. Demonstrated proactive orientation with emphasis in academic and leadership credibility. Ability to motivate students and teachers, preferably by maintaining a visible, approachable and positive outlook in the handling of situations. Computer/technological skills; ability to research and abstract relevant educational developments, from the Web. Ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time well. Ability to prepare and manage school division’s budget and allocated resources. 

Phisical Demands: Individuals may need to sit or stand as needed. The position may require walking primarily on a level surface for periodic periods throughout the day. May reach above shoulder heights or below the waist and lift as required to file documents or store materials throughout the workday and must be able to lift 15 pounds and use proper lifting techniques. 

Mental DemandsObserving, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources. Identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts. Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems

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